High Frequency Hysteria

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By Stephen Pope, Managing Partner of Spotlight Ideas Any investment is speculative. Speculation is not manipulation. Markets hold politicians to account. Shorting is an essential trading tool. Be wary about a cumbersome restriction on algorithms   The word “Hysteria” has its root in the Latin “hystericus”. It refers to “exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement” […] Read more »

IAM Gets Less Defensive

By Morten Spenner, CEO of International Asset Management (IAM) Here are our forward-looking investment views looking into 2013.    Market context – more constructive on the market environment Overall, we continue to observe a global economy which is recovering and with investor sentiment increasingly reflecting this.   The most noteworthy recent developments have been the effective […] Read more »

Contrast Between Credit and Liquid Hedge Funds at Fortress

By Simon Kerr Fortress Investment Group LLC reported 3Q 2012 results recently. Fortress divides its hedge funds into two groups – Liquid Hedge Funds and Credit Hedge Funds. Credit Hedge Funds includes the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund and the Value Recovery Funds, and the Liquid Hedge Funds includes the Fortress Convex Asia Fund, Commodities Fund, […] Read more »

Market Disruption and Smaller Flows to Credit Funds Anticipated

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By Manuel Arrive, Fitch France S.A.S., and Alastair Sewell, Fitch Ratings London Fitch Ratings expects credit markets to be less directional in the coming months. As a result, short duration, lower volatility and absolute return strategies with more performance contribution from bond picking will gain traction and are currently being launched by most advanced asset […] Read more »

Hedge Funds to Step Up In LBO Market in Europe

Just like the private equity business, Leveraged Buy Out (LBO) activity is usually subject to a cycle related to that of the stock market with a lag. On top of that in Europe there used to be laid a secular growth in LBO volume, and a long-term trend towards a wider variety of buy-out financing […] Read more »