The 100 Oldest Cayman Funds (Offshore Hedge Funds) Listed

Cayman Islands HFs pic

By Simon Kerr and Hedge Fund Insight staff In 1994 the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority introduced a registration regime for mutual funds established on the islands. Most Cayman Islands Mutual Funds are engaged in hedge fund strategies, many are offshore versions of domestic (US) hedge funds (LLPs). As the concept of hedge fund strategies was adopted […] Read more »

Cayman’s Share of World Hedge Funds Shrinks, Particularly For New Funds

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   Recent data releases from Eurekahedge show the increasing significance of onshore hedge funds, and the consequent relative decline of hedge funds registered offshore. Year by year Cayman Islands registered hedge funds took less share of the domiciles of funds launched.  This trend accelerated post 2008 to the extent that […] Read more »

Changed Dynamics of Hedge Fund Industry Shown in Cayman Data


By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight   The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority produces regular statistics on the numbers of active financial businesses in its jurisdiction. Offshore banking and reinsurance are significant to the Cayman Islands, but the Cayman Islands are also home to more offshore hedge funds (Cayman Island Mutual Funds) than any […] Read more »