Bridgewater Win Shows It Leads the Way in the Hedge Fund Industry


Bridgewater Associates is an outlier in the hedge fund industry – the size of the organization (1400 people), the assets under management ($150bn in investments), and the returns. The Westport Connecticut firm is known for its distinctive corporate culture so it is not a template or an exemplar for others  on the investment side, but […] Read more »

Stakes In Hedge Fund Businesses In Demand As Blackstone Declares An Interest

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight Once in a week is random, twice in a couple of weeks is a potential pattern, but three times in a month is confirmation. The first occurence was the sales of stake in insurance risk manager Nephilia Capital.  Kohlberg Kravis Roberts acquired a 24.9% ownership in the […] Read more »

Chart of the Day is the Technical Position of the Aussie Dollar

A recent article here cited a short in the Australian Dollar as a position held by Bridgewater Associates at the turn of the year. Often global macro investors like both a fundamental case and a technical case for their positions – the bias one way or the other is a style point for differentiating between […] Read more »

Bridgewater Associates and the Aussie Dollar

Introduction by Simon Kerr Over the last decade Bridgewater Associates has managed an unusual feat – adding a lot of value to its investors at the same time as adding a lot of assets under management. In doing so it has hit some notable milestones in the last year – it is now by some […] Read more »