Emerging Hedge Fund Managers’ Time Balancing Act

By Vincent Sarullo,  Tower Fund Services, and Hedge Fund Insight staff   AUM is the lifeblood of the investment management business and competition for assets is fierce. To grow AUM can be the single most difficult aspect of running a hedge fund business. Most small hedge funds are operated by former portfolio managers, traders or […] Read more »

Harvest Capital Strategies About Doubles Performance Income From Hedge Funds

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   Harvest Capital Strategies LLC, a San Francisco-based, SEC-registered investment adviser with approximately $1.6 billion in alternative assets under management, has seen a near doubling of hedge fund performance fee income in the last year. Harvest Capital Strategies is part of publicly owned investment banking and alternative asset management firm […] Read more »

Analysis of Equity Hedge Sub-Strategies

By Barclays Capital Solutions Group   The Equity Hedge Fund segment is obviously fairly broad and includes a set of disparate strategies. We have taken a close look at these various sub-strategies, which each have their own unique characteristics and appeal to investors. We describe these sub-strategies in this article and attempt to show their […] Read more »

Does the Absence of Marketing at Quantedge Capital Matter?

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight   Quantedge Capital Pte, the Singapore-based quant management company, has received some coverage this week as the firm has joined the small number of Asian hedge fund managers overseeing a billion dollars. The firm, run by Kah Shin and Chua Choong Tze and are to be congratulated […] Read more »

Hedge Fund Managers Should Not Be Daunted By Process To Enter US Market

By Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC It is not that the applicable laws in the US are so much more onerous than those found in other jurisdictions. In fact, in many instances they are less burdensome. Then what is the issue? It is the complexity and perceived contradictions of the US legal system. […] Read more »

The CTA Industry Is Not Suffering From Capacity Issues

By James Skeggs, Senior Director, Global Co-Head of Advisory Group at Newedge In the last two years, the CTA industry has grown to manage about $330bn in investor capital.  Concurrently, the industry has found itself in a drawdown that has lasted 29 months, which at its worst was 11.7% below its peak in 2011. Some […] Read more »

Graphic of The Day – Hong Kong Hedge Funds

HK Hedge funds 5

Tying in with other regulators across the financial world, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong conducts a survey of hedge funds in its territory every two years. The latest survey, the results of which were recently released, used the end of September 2012 as the data point to ask hedge fund managers about […] Read more »