How Sustainable is Your Information or Insight Advantage?

by Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group The ability to obtain information that leads to insights concerning market trends is frequently considered the mark of a savvy investor. However, as we noted last July, many methods of acquiring information are coming under increased scrutiny. Regulators and the public may deem even entrenched practices unfair. As […] Read more »

An Allocators View Of An Effective First Meeting For Hedge Fund Marketing

By Shaunak Amin & Joe Peta of Novus Partners, INC. “Bud Fox, I look at a hundred deals a day. I choose one.” –Gordon Gekko, after a pitch from a prospective broker Despite the hilariously outdated technology props and some extinct jargon, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street is still revered by financial industry insiders. Even today, […] Read more »