Altin Rewarded For Big Position In Two Sigma Compass

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   The portfolio of ALTIN AG , the Swiss alternative investment company listed on the London and Swiss stock exchanges, is well diversified as it contains 40 hedge funds. That degree of diversification is unnecessary from the academic perspective, but does minimise blow-up risk.  There are, however, a number of […] Read more »

ALTIN’s Board Does It’s Job And Deserves Support

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   The Board of Listed fund of hedge funds Altin AG is under pressure to change the composition of the Board and to pay out a special dividend from retained earnings.  The existing Board has done a good job post Credit Crunch, as these extracts from the EGM Statement show: […] Read more »

Update 2 of “How Many Hedge Funds in a Fund of Funds”

funds of funds lead article

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   On of the best and most widely read articles on this website is the one by Cliffwater titled “How Many Hedge Funds? Only 15-20 For The Highly Skilled” – see the original article. The article is going to be referenced when new data becomes available that gives real world […] Read more »