Quotation of the Day from Steve Cohen of Point72


“But the markets are different today—you don’t necessarily have to sit in front of the screens as much anymore, because a lot of time during the day markets are just meandering around. Actually I think the most important part of the day is the last hour of the day. But there’s times during the day when things are quiet, and so you don’t have to sit and watch, which is somewhat liberating.”

 – Steve Cohen from interview with Fortune magazine October 2016 (photo: Gillian Laub)



In this Q&A Cohen also covers his use of Big Data, Point72 Ventures, the breakfasts he has with his portfolio managers, and his investment in Quantopian.

You can see the rest of the transcript at http://fortune.com/2016/10/21/billionaire-steve-cohen-point72-interview/