Quotation Of the Day – from Rohit Bhargava

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight


Content-driven marketing is a meme in professional marketing circles. Some marketers in finance have got it (see Baldwin Berges’ BD Insider) but in hedge fund land no-so-much.  It seems to be acceptable for hedge fund managers to try to retain clients through content-driven marketing (for example through white papers and major quarterly/annual letters of managers). But for the most part the top hedge fund managers do not feel the need to reach out to potential clients (or warm them up over the course of time) via content-driven marketing.  At the smaller end that wariness is less evident – Hakan Kocayusufpasaoglu at Archbridge Capital is effectively marketing to the mass affluent through his efforts via Twitter and www.tradestreet.ch.

If the concept is new to you or just a bit nebulous, an expansion of the phrase came up in the Six Pixels of Separation podcast. Business book author Rohit Bhargava said:


“The trend is called “the reluctant marketer”. The front-facing super-promotional marketer only works in a minority of cases. The alternative is the reluctant marketer, a  style which reflects the growth of content marketing. The premise behind content marketing is that the company/marketer is going to create something that is useful, that will answer a question and/or adds value. The marketing side of it is understated and in the background – but that is the way to influence people today.”


If you want to follow up with real world examples Rohit Bhargava cites Red Bull, General Electric and Coca Cola as companies that are explicitly and knowingly employing content-driven marketing.

Rohit Bhargava is the author of the book “Non-Obvious” and the annual “Non-Obvious Trend Report”.


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