Novus Analytics Available Via iConnections Partnership

By Hedge Fund Insight staff


iConnections, the platform and community that connects investment managers and allocators, today announced that it is partnering with Novus, the leading portfolio intelligence platform, allowing managers and allocators to access Novus’ data and analytics through the iConnections platform.

iConnections members will be able to access Novus’ research, including manager league tables, the Novus 4C indices (tracking important hedge fund holdings), and significant trends in hedge funds’ positioning. Novus’ research content will enrich the iConnections experience for managers and allocators by providing new industry insights alongside the events and capital introduction opportunities already available through the platform.

As part of the partnership, iConnections investment managers will also gain access to Analytics+, enabling them to work with Novus to showcase their advanced skillset analytics on their iConnections profile. Managers will also have increased access to the full Novus Portfolio Intelligence offering through exclusive discounts.

Ron Biscardi, CEO of iConnections, said: “Data is key to managers’ and allocators’ success. Our partnership with Novus broadens our offering and will help iConnections’ members to leverage critical data and analytics through a single platform to support decision making and give even greater access to industry insights. Our partnership will help managers to visualize their portfolios and give allocators critical insights on the alternative investment industry to help them select the right managers – increasing access to knowledge across the alternative investment industry and enhancing capital introduction opportunities.”

Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Novus, said: “We are very pleased to allow the iConnections community easy access to Novus. We share in the mission of guiding the institutional investment space into the modern digital era. We enthusiastically invite both managers and allocators around the world to join us in adopting a more efficient and data-driven standard for portfolio intelligence, manager sourcing, due diligence, and monitoring.”


About Novus

Novus is a portfolio intelligence and data automation platform leveraged by both allocators and managers. The platform streamlines data management, performance measurement, reporting, attribution, and look-through analysis in a single digital tool.

Novus has over a decade of experience serving institutional investors, helping them simplify their workflows, extract insights, and communicate with stakeholders. Through working alongside many of the world’s top investment firms, Novus curated tailored experiences for the world’s most renowned Chief Investment Officers, Portfolio Managers, Investor Relations Officers, and Risk Officers. Novus powers all analytics requested by practitioners across multiple asset classes, allowing for simple, fast access to portfolio data, and insights.

Novus clients start with tailored experiences and customize it to their liking. Novus users can even construct bespoke analytics using the platform’s intuitive engine. In addition to analyzing and monitoring one’s own portfolios, Novus offers modern collaboration tools via secure, digital sharing with teammates, stakeholders, and prospects. To learn more, visit

About iConnections

iConnections is a community that connects the investment management industry year-round. Our software platform seamlessly connects managers and allocators for virtual meetings, giving managers the ability to subscribe and share information with allocators who can efficiently select and meet managers all on one platform. The scalable technology powering iConnections can be used by banks, brokerage firms and other service providers to connect and engage with clients and prospects digitally through one-to-one meetings and events.



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