Graphic of the Day: UCITS Share of European Hedge Fund Launches

From Eurekahedge


The percentage of UCITS launches showed an upward trend between 2008 and 2011, as the post-financial crisis period created a healthy demand for regulated investment products from investors. Furthermore, the need to strengthen Europe’s overall financial system also made a strong case for managers to opt for a UCITS brand. Even though the percentage of UCITS launches retreated in 2012, the UCITS brand is still relevant for both managers and investors alike with launches trending upwards in subsequent years. Majority of European hedge fund managers are based in the United Kingdom, with 39% of managers choosing the UK as their head office location. With the UK as a top location for UCITS-compliant hedge funds, the onset of ‘Brexit’ would result in considerable implications for managers currently based there, such as relocating to a country in the EU jurisdiction in order to comply with the UCITS directive. With the post-Brexit saga still unfolding, the precise ramifications of these developments on London’s hedge fund industry remain uncertain.