Graphic of the Day: Ranking Sources of New Clients for Hedge Funds


Today’s graphic comes from The Global Hedge Fund Distribution Survey 2015.


PwC AIMA sources of new clients



The report is based on a survey in mid-2015 of 146 AIMA members which manage traditional hedge funds, or liquid alternative funds, or both. The respondents to the survey manage around $550 billion in hedge fund assets, or close to 20% of the global industry, which manages around US$2.9 trillion in assets.

The survey population includes leading hedge fund firms in Europe, North America and Asia, many with extensive distribution networks. More than half of the firms surveyed manage more than US$1bn in Assets Under Management (AuM), and a quarter over US$10bn. In North America and the UK, more than a third of firms surveyed had AuM of over US$10bn.

PwC also interviewed managers at a number of these firms on a one-to-one basis to delve into greater detail on their distribution approaches and the opportunities and challenges they encounter in the marketplace. Their comments and insights are reflected in the report. It is clear that most firms are aware of the changing landscape and the growing opportunity, and are now actively developing and refining their distribution strategies accordingly.