Former AHL and Graham Capital Stars Bostock and Crooks Leave Trium Capital Platform

By Hedge Fund Insight staff

Quantitative Strategic Investments (QSI) the London-based systematic global macro hedge fund manager is no longer operating from the Trium Capital platform. The co-CIO’s of QSI, Lee Bostock and Simon Crooks had worked together at Graham Capital’s London office and founded QSI in 2013. Trium backed a fund run by QSI, which used niche-orientated strategies constructed by identifying distinct sources of alpha, to the tune of $5m in late 2014. Trium Capital also backed Steven Cress’ Cress Capital Management with $10m around the same time.

Bostock and Crooks officially left Trium Capital this month. Although no specific reason has been given, the usual reason for such a parting is insufficient growth in AUM. Steven Cress left Trium in July 2016. QSI is a commercial partner with CressCap Investment Research, Steven Cress’ business that produces investment research using AI and quant methods.

Quantitative Strategic Investment (QSI) ranks short and long term bonds and assigns grades to reflect the sovereign bond compared to peer countries for CressCapital Investment Research. CressCapital/QSI give buy and sell recommendations on the bonds. QSI will continue to provide CressCapital Investment Research with bond research.