Edgefolio: the new platform for the hedge fund industry.

By Leo Gasteen, CEO Edgefolio


Allocators have it rough. When they are not being bombarded by cold calls and unsolicited emails from hedge fund sales teams, they spend their time trying to find managers through multiple sources – such is the picture of the fragmented hedge fund industry of today.

At Edgefolio, we thought it was time to reset the balance and re-enable allocators to do what they do best: find great hedge funds.

What is Edgefolio? from Edgefolio on Vimeo.

With an emphasis on user experience and beautiful visualisations, Edgefolio has positioned itself to be the most intuitive and powerful hedge fund screening tool on the web. At its core Edgefolio is a committed to protecting allocators’ anonymity, and empowering them with everything they need to start the conversation with interesting fund managers.



In December 2013 the Edgefolio Team put together a prototype of the platform, to better understand the needs and the pain points of allocators. The feedback gathered over this period gave us a shrewd understanding of how to remedy these problems, and led us to build a far richer and more robust product. Although we don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, here are just a few features that make the Edgefolio so refreshingly different from anything out there:

•             Relational data model – allowing you to see how the industry is connected through funds and stakeholders

•             Granular search – allowing you to find managers by filtering against qualitative parameters

•             Interactive Graph search –plot the fund universe on a scatter plot, input any variables against the axis

•             Real time filtering – no more querying a database, everything happens in your browser in under 2msecs


Edgefolio is going to change the game. To see how, request an invitation to our platform here.