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Readership by  Type and Country

Advertising is worthwhile if the advertiser can reach the right readership/viewership. Hedge Fund Insight is read by some hard-to-reach people in the hedge fund industry, most notably those who work in hedge fund management. 

By reader type, the readers have been drawn first from investors in hedge funds, and then from hedge fund managers.  Investors in hedge funds such as Endowments, Trust Banks and Funds of Funds are known to devote time to reading around their industry and sectors they follow. But hedge fund managers are very difficult to attract as readers, and amongst the most difficult are the CIOs and CEOs of hedge fund management companies. This site attracts those who run the businesses of hedge funds as well as those who direct the investments.



The service providers include IT outsourcing companies, fund administrators and prime brokers as well as custodians and third-party marketers.

Other includes media, academics and those who did not identify themselves by company type.


source: Fund Insight


The country of residence of the readers given here is drawn from analysis covering the period from May to December 2013, but would produce the same ranking over any period analysed. The results reflect the dominance of Americans as managers of and investors in hedge funds. America has reasserted its position in the industry as a supplier and as the major source of demand.  Recent data suggests that the American readership of Hedge Fund Insight is growing.

Aggregating readership data by region gives a classic split (40/40/20). Just over 40% of readers are from North America, 40% of readers are European-based, and just under 20% of readers are based in Asia.



Traffic Data

Traffic numbers on have built steadily from launch in March 2012. Reader loyalty/ engagement is increasing on measures such as returning visitors.



Readership to Feb 2015

As of the end of May 2015, over the last twelve months there have been 80,000 readers of the website, representing year on year growth of 38%. Further data can be provided on application.


Advertise or Sponsor?

Banner advertising can be used to promote specific products or events, and to build brand consciousness. HFI also provides opportunities for sponsorship of specific content, and for sponsorship of the title’s own outreach by e-mail to readers.  Most e-mail blasts are targeted at segments of the readership such that lawyers with a hedge fund business and compliance officers will receive e-mails from HFI that portfolio managers do not see.  To comply with anti-spamming regulations recipients may opt out of the e-mail lists at any time.


To find out more about the commercial attractions of the readership of Hedge Fund Insight call Simon Kerr on +44 07977 445496.