10 Marketing Tips For People Who Don’t Have Time To Market

By , Meyler Capital


Yes, content marketing is a great idea, but you will never do it. Here are 10 things you can actually do that will have a direct impact on your ability to raise capital.


1. Respond Faster: Yes, that is it. You can’t “get to it later.” If you want money you need to value other peoples time more than yours.

2. Buy a Preqin database and pay somebody $20/hour (a college student is a good bet) to call every investor across a specified prospect list asking if it is OK to send information via email. (If there are a 1000 people on this list, and you get permission to send 50 an email, it was worth it – you might get 250.)

3. If you are communicating with an investor for the first time – DON’T ASK FOR MONEY. Nothing will happen until you build a relationship, so build a relationship.

4. Build a strong LinkedIn profile – it isn’t hard. And just because you don’t think it is important, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

5. Stop thinking that the money will come once you have a track record. It doesn’t. This is perhaps the most important point we will make. Why? Because you might actually think about marketing before it is too late. If you disagree with me, save some powder for marketing regardless. You can’t argue that it’s smart.

6. Be humble – somebody is probably doing what you are doing, and doing it better.

7. Pick up the phone. If you are ever in a rut, call 20 people. Not 5, not 10, 20. You will be surprised at the activity it generates.

8. Pay $25 a month for this CRM system: www.solve360.com.

9. Figure out how to plug your CRM system into this: www.mailchimp.com. It is free up to 2000 contacts.

10. Build an email in Mailchimp with a short outline of the context of the email with a read more link. Call the people that click on the “Read More.”


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